White Hollow Acres
3509 Comfort Hill Rd, Wellsburg, NY 14894

White Hollow Acres is a Wedding Venue in Wellsburg, NY. Contact White Hollow Acres in Wellsburg on Checklist Weddings. Browse Wedding Venue prices, photos and reviews.


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3509 Comfort Hill Rd, Wellsburg, NY 14894
(607) 767-6100

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1 Comment
  1. I recently attended a wedding at White Hollow Acres for one of my very close friends. The owner of the venue not only hung around the entirety of the event sort of hovering which I have never seen at a venue, but also had a restriction on the volume of the reception!

    Now, I can understand the owner being there in the beginning to make sure the caterers find their space and help to get things going for the couple but then I would expect her to leave the newlyweds to enjoy their night after dinner. However they were there the entire time.

    Once the DJ started playing she kept making him turn down the music even though the guests were having a fantastic time along with the newlyweds. Supposedly they were worried of noise complaints from neighbors (if that’s the case why build a venue where loud receptions will undoubtedly be held. ) The poor DJ didn’t know what to do because if he turned it down to the level requested you couldn’t really hear the music over all the guests dancing and singing and having a great time together! The owners got pretty nasty about it and even went as far to close the garage door ON GUESTS who were mingling on both sides of it because it was going slightly over their 90 sound level limit! They also got the bride and groom involved which on their day is not what they need to be worried about. Unnecessary added stress! The bride was in tears because they were being so rude about it. So if you are looking to have a party like reception this is not the place for you to book your wedding!

    On top of this the owners had a wedding booked the Friday Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, which could definitely leave a couple not feeling like the focus and a priority of a venue. They had to have their rehearsal on a Thursday so people traveling from far away who were to be in the wedding either had to miss rehearsal or had to come an extra day. They then had to store decorations to come back to get them on a separate occasion instead of the day after.

    Overall, having been a bride myself a very short time ago this venue would not be one I recommend to those planning.

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